There is a large variety of accommodation available in Jyväskylä. The hotels in the Jyväskylä Region are accustomed to accommodating visitors attending mass events. Jyväskylä can offer 1 312 hotel rooms, with a total of 2 486 beds. In the Jyväskylä Region, within roughly 30 minutes drive, there is a significant amount of hotel-standard accommodation. All in all 1 692 rooms are available, with 3 519 beds. There are also numerous cottages situated in the area’s holiday resorts.

In addition, there is a wide range of private accommodation in and around Jyväskylä that is available for rent during selected events and festivals. The size of the accommodation facilities varies from handy one-room-apartments to large one-family houses.

Within a radius of 30 kilometres from Jyväskylä there are also around 100 private holiday cottages sleeping 2 to 8 people for hire. Most cottages are in sparsely inhabited, quiet countryside locations. The cottages differ in terms of the standard of amenities and setting, but all are fully furnished and equipped with cooking facilities, bedclothes, lighting and fuel for heating.

For hotel accommodation we recommend
Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki
Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra
Original Sokos Hotel Jyväshovi
Cumulus Jyväskylä
Spa Hotel Rantasipi Laajavuori
Scandic Jyväskylä
Hotel Yöpuu
Hotel Alba
Spa Hotel Peurunka
Hotel Pension Kampus

Summer hotel Harju
Summer hotel Rentukka

Other especial and high-quality accommodation
Savutuvan Apaja
Varjola farm
Taulun Kartano

Hotel, private accommodation and hire of cottages

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