Help for applying for a conference

We provide neutral expert help free of charge in the planning and application phases as follows:
  • advance planning of the conference with the applicant
  • preliminary bookings of premises and accommodation
  • planning and preliminary booking of social programme
  • preliminary budgeting
  • production of materials, e.g. application brochures, bid books, PowerPoint presentations, flyers, marketing card
  • organising a visit for the decision-makers of an international organisation
  • photographic and text materials as well as Jyväskylä-themed videos available
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Definition of a congress

Congress: Regular coming together of individuals belonging to a single professional, cultural, religious or other group (IAPCO Meeting Industry Terminology)

Conference: Participatory meeting designed for discussion, fact-finding, problem solving and consultation (IAPCO Meeting Industry Terminology)

The terms congress and conference can be considered to be synonyms, and their use is usually determined by each organisation's or industry's established practice. A congress is usually a large event, while a conference is normally smaller in scale.
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