The true city of students

Jyväskylä is a youthful city of just the right size where every 4th person you pass is a student. The city has an attractive university and university of applied sciences and boasts highly versatile educational offerings at the upper secondary level. Jyväskylä has an international academic atmosphere, and the universities provide opportunities for pursuing studies and hundreds of places for exchange students from all over the world. It follows that the educational institutes have had students from more than a hundred different countries.
In addition to the international atmosphere, the educational institutes located in Jyväskylä offer nationally unique and significant educational opportunities. These include the only Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences in Finland, Finland’s largest faculty of education, and at the JAMK university of applied sciences, the innovative entrepreneurship centre of excellence, Tiimiakatemia.

Unique on the national scale is also the Finnish Music Campus, which serves as one example of collaboration in education between educational institutes. Universities have responded to the current challenges in society by providing training in fields such as cyber security and the gaming industry and by conducting related research.

The students’ entrepreneurship is supported in educational institutes in all fields of education. Lifelong learning broadens the range of educational opportunities available in universities and at the upper secondary level. Among other things, Jyväskylä has special universities for children and the elderly.

For adults and those in work, our institutes of education provide degree programmes and training in hundreds of different fields, and open access studies provide an opportunity for self-development or a way to get admitted as an undergraduate student for people of all ages. For example, the Open University of the University of Jyväskylä specialises in providing distance learning and web-based university studies.
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